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Friday, September 13 2013
9:00 pm - 12:00 am


Friday, September 27 2013
9:00 pm - 12:00 am

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7) that's it! By pressing the right mouse button and the boat drops bombs alice stomping her foot.

weapons of madness
* pepper grinder - also called octo-grinder, a gun increases the limit on ammunition and doubles their number.
* hobby horse - recovers alice with every blow inflicted on the enemy.
* teapot cannon - this weapon increases the damage dealt to enemies by 50%.
* vorpal blade - reduces the damage, which is applied to alice enemies by 50%.

dresses pack
* flesh dress - dress the fleshmaiden can cause hysteria at any time.
* matt hatter dress - dress the hattress allows damage inflicted by the enemies of alice to lose teeth, but not health.
* chess - dress the checkmate can inflict double damage to enemies all the weapons.
* rabbit dress - dress the late but lucky dress replenishing health with the help of alice shrinking violets.
* cheshire dress - dress the cheshire blocks all rose drops from enemies.
* caterpillar dress - dress the caterpillar keeps shrink sonar on.

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The Doucet family extends an Acadian invitation to Le Gabriel Restaurant and Lounge. Located in the heart of Cheticamp on the Cabot Trail.

* Acadian fare and traditional dishes - Service par excellence
* Adjoining lounge

We are located on Main Street, Cheticamp, near the foot of Cape Breton Highlands National Park on the western side of the Cabot Trail. Look for Le Gabriel's distinctive lighthouse entrance. Cheticamp is easily accessible from land, sea and air. Your trip by car from Port Hastings and the entrance to Cape Breton to Cheticamp is 143KM, from Cheticamp to Sydney and the airport is 173KM and to the Provincial Capital of Halifax, 425KM.