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Friday, September 13 2013
9:00 pm - 12:00 am


va - we have a party tonight (2010)

va - we have a party tonight (2010)
genre: dance | 2 cd | mp3 | 192 kbps | 146. 59 mb[/center]

track list:

01. Edward maya - this is my life 03:48
02. Inna - amazing 03:21
03. Tony ray ft mc robinho - beautiful night 03:19
04. Tom boxer ft antonia - morena 03:34
05. Delyno - ether party 03:36
06. Residence deejays and frisco - sexy love 03:14
07. Bob taylor ft inna - deja vu 04:15
08. Alexunder base ft mirela - feelings 02:47
09. David deejay ft dony - temptation 03:25
10. Contras ft joan kolova - la luna 03:28
11. Akcent - love stoned 03:41
12. Dj project - miracle love 03:44
13. Mario bischin - so 03:48
14. Mossano - indianotech 03:25
15. Dan balan - chica bomb 03:28

01. Dennis ferrer - hey hey 03:30
02. Ricky l ft mck - born again. Babylonia 03:29
03. Luca cassani with max c - into the light 03:32
04. Wildboyz ft ameerah - the sound of missing you 03:29
05. Pedro cazanova invites andrea - selfish love 03:26
06. Supafly inc - catch me when im falling 03:44
07. Remady - no superstar 03:41
08. Playmen and alceen ft mia - love song 03:43
09. Livin r and pink noisy ft nekk - to the moon and back 03:35
10. Dj smash pres fast food - volna 04:52
11. Guru josh and dj igor blaska - eternity 03:31
12. Apdw vs tim deluxe ft sam obernik - just wont do 03:29
13. Jazzbit - sing sing sing yolanda be cool and dcup edit 03:00
14. Steve forest vs marilyn monroe - i wanna be loved you 03:21
15. Yolanda be cool vs dcup - we no speak americano 02:59
link download :

http://hotfile. Com/dl/85497515/dcf602f/v. --_a-_whapt. _. -.. Purchase os x 10.7 lion downloadable -_-_. 2010__--_-. Part1. Rar. Html
http://hotfile. Com/dl/85497573/7999700/v. --_a-_whapt. _. -.. -_-_. 2010__--_-. Part2. mathcad 14 Rar. Html

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hitman: anthology -lossless repack by rg catalyst (updated on 04/12/2011) [multi2/2011]

hitman: anthology -lossless repack by rg catalyst (updated on 04/12/2011) [multi2/2011] | 4,09 gb
year: 2000-2006 | pc | eng rus | developer: io interactive | publisher: eidos interactive / new disc

this game is recognized by this classic of the genre, is still considered the most polished and believable "simulation of an assassin. Mac software discounts " the plot tells of the beginning of a career killer dark killer nicknamed hitman, which became one of the most recognizable game characters around the world. Entering the service of the agency, he received an order to destroy the head of the chinese triads. windows 8 key buy Performing a task, forty-seventh learns that his victim was associated with the project, which was created by myself and hitman. windows 8 key buy It's time to find out the truth and destroy those who dared to interfere in his fate!


hitman: codename 47

* bilingual installer
* do not cut / no recoded
* ability to set different combinations of locations (optional)
* installation time - less than a minute

hitman 2: silent assassin

* bilingual installer
* do not cut / no recoded
* ability to set different combinations of locations (optional)
* installation time - less than a minute

hitman: contracts

* bilingual installer
* do not cut / no recoded
* ability to set different combinations of locations (optional)
* installation time ~ 2 minutes

hitman: blood money

* bilingual installer
* do not cut / no recoded
* ability to set different combinations of locations (optional)
* installation time ~ 10 minutes

updated on 04/12/2011. Tweaked unpacking english versions 3 and 4 parts.

mona lisa (1986) 480p bluray x264-dmz

speedcommander 13. 50. 6400 final (x86/x64) - neo

speedcommander 13. 50. 6400 final (x86/x64) | 19 mb

speedcommander is a comfortable file manager. It builds on the proven two window technology and offers a multitude of exclusive features. Sort, copy, move or delete your files either using the keyboard or the mouse. Speedcommander reads and creates zip archives, microsoft cab files and fully supports ten additional compression formats. The newly expanded search feature will find files within all ten supported archive formats. The internal file viewer displays over 80 graphics and text formats. In addition, speedcommander contains a powerful text editor with numerous extras including syntax highlighting. With the integrated ftp client, you can both download files from the net and upload your own web pages. Speedcommander even integrates a web browser for you to surf the web!

* two folder windows which can be arranged horizontally or vertically
* multiple folder views in one folder panel
* file container with multiple independent containers
* quick access to network neighborhood, internet and ftp
* direct support for the many archive formats (including 7z, rar, sqx, zip)
* integrated quick view for many file formats
* multi-rename tool
* fast and comfortable search program (filesearch)
* synchronize files and folders (filesync)
* flexible editor for text files (speededit)

speedcommander is a comfortable file manager. It builds on the proven two window technology and offers a multitude of exclusive features. Sort, copy, move or delete your files either using the keyboard or the mouse.
proven two window technology

speedcommander displays files and folders in the proven two window technology - source and target of operations are therefore always visible. This ensures a higher productivity compared to windows explorer and an extremely fast navigation through files, folders and ftp sites.

speedcommander offers you many options for copying and moving files. Besides the usual deletion speedcommander has a secure deletion compliant to governmental standards. With the integrated quick view speedcommander shows you the content of many file formats. Pictures, videos or music files - speedcommander gives you a fast overview for every kind of files. Filesync synchronizes folders, filesearch finds files and folders on all data mediums.
extensive archive support

speedcommander makes handling compressed files easy, because they are treated like ordinary folders. Experience direct support for many archive formats as well as compressing and decompressing them without the need for further software. Compression profiles can sum up settings and self-extracting archives make additional software superfluous. Recovery data offers protection against damaged archives.

add-in interface
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add further file systems via the interface for file system add-ins into speedcommander. Use the wincefs add-in to access pda devices with activesync. office home and student 2007 product key The wfxwrapper add-in integrates the many file system plugins from total commander (wfx).

simple tasks can be automated with macros. Macros can use the different objects of speedcommander too, also all script capable components (e. G. Several shell objects) can be included. Edit macros easily with the integrated macro editor and check them for possible errors with a script debugger (like visual studio).

enhanced ftp functions
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native 64-bit version for windows x64 edition

speedcommander is also available as native 64-bit version for windows x 1000 64. Only a real 64-bit file manager can access all files on windows x64. 32-bit applications are rerouted to "windows\syswow64" and can't access the folder "windows\system32".

home page - http://www. Speedproject. De/enu/

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sc13. 50. 6400. Rar

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[pc] deus ex - eng

[pc] deus ex - eng | 802 mb

deus ex combines so many of the elements found in other action-adventure titles that it's almost like getting several games for the price of one. You slip into the trench coat of j. C. microsoft windows 8 upgrade Denton, an operative with the top secret unatco antiterrorist organization. Denton's body and mind have been augmented with nanotech implants that help him fight, think, and sneak his way through a completely interactive world filled with intrigue, conspiracies, and encounters with other characters. The plot is ripped straight out of a bad x-files episode, but the decent cutscenes and complex mission environments kept us coming back for more.

deus ex's real achievement is that players are free to complete missions as they see fit. As the game progresses you can upgrade your character with a variety of bioenhancements that dramatically impact gameplay. Focus on your combat skills and you'll be the terminator by the end of the game. Upgrade your computer know-how and you'll be the equivalent of data from star trek: tng, busting into computer and security networks with ease. buy oem software online dreamweaver We were expecting a game that let us role-play a little, opting for a brute-force approach or one that required a little more stealth, but we had no idea the designers would do such a fine job of pulling it off. The experiences of both methods are unusual enough that we found ourselves revisiting level to try different tactics.

the individual components of deus ex--like the targeting system, inventory controls, and enemy viewing radiuses--are a little clunky when viewed individually, but they converge into an overall game that is much greater than the sum of its parts. It's easy to compare the game to titles that obviously influenced it (thief, system shock, and rainbow six immediately come to mind), but deus ex really stands on its own as a unique title that should appeal equally to action games, adventure lovers, and role-playing fanatics. It's just too bad players without a voodoo card will have a hard time getting playable frame rates, since the game uses the direct3d-unfriendly unreal engine.

if you like this game,please buy it license version! Support developers;)

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Friday, September 27 2013
9:00 pm - 12:00 am

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The Doucet family extends an Acadian invitation to Le Gabriel Restaurant and Lounge. Located in the heart of Cheticamp on the Cabot Trail.

* Acadian fare and traditional dishes - Service par excellence
* Adjoining lounge

We are located on Main Street, Cheticamp, near the foot of Cape Breton Highlands National Park on t 6f0 he western side of the Cabot Trail. Look for Le Gabriel's distinctive lighthouse entrance. Cheticamp is easily accessible from land, sea and air. Your trip by car from Port Hastings and the entrance to Cape Breton to Cheticamp is 143KM, from Cheticamp to Sydney and the airport is 173KM and to the Provincial Capital of Halifax, 425KM.